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JUN 24

[ARN free app] System upgrade complete, now Java 17 compatible! πŸš€

Introducing a major system upgrade, now fully compatible with Java 17. This aligns our backend tech with current standards and enables faster enhancements for upcoming releases.


Introducing 'AI generator' macro for ARN templates! ✨

Introducing the 'AI generator' macro for ARN templates! Let the AI do its thing with your prompts, JQL, and Jira fields to generate a summary of all your changes. Impress your team with fancy release notes and get creative with customizable prompts. Let the magic begin!



Bug fixed: custom variable values now replace in templates. 🐞

There was a bug where values of custom variables were not getting replaced within templates when a rule is triggerred. This has been resolved now.


Resolved inconsistent spacing in JQL section macro output with group-by field. πŸ› 

We've resolved an issue related to inconsistent spacing in the output of a single-line field from the JQL section macro, particularly noticeable when a group-by field is utilized in the JQL section configuration.

APR 24

Choose the starting day of the week for your ARN calendar πŸ—“οΈ

You can now choose which day of the week you want your calendar to start on in Jira. Just go to the calendar tab or the ARN calendar gadget, and select either Monday or Sunday from the provided options.



Default values for custom variables in JQL validations and previews. πŸ’‘

Now you can set a default value for custom variables. This value will be used for JQL validations and shown on template and rule preview screens. This means you can use custom variables with default Jira fields (like issue key and components) in your JQLs. And guess what? The default values even show up on the template and rule preview screens. So if you're using the same values over and over, just set them as defaults and save yourself some time.

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Bug fixed: Users can now add new options to 'Single select' custom variables. πŸ‘

Users were not able to add new options to the existing β€˜Single select’ type of custom variables. We have now fixed this issue.


The 'Integrations' tab error in ARN's App configurations screen has been resolved. πŸ› οΈ

Some users encountered an error when trying to access the 'Integrations' tab within the App configurations screen of ARN. This issue hindered them from viewing or modifying integration settings. However, it has now been resolved.


Rule action logs- Security issue fixes πŸ”

We have worked on some security enhancements associated with rule action logs.


Markdown templates- Security issue fixes πŸ”

We have worked on some security enhancements associated with markdown templates.

MAR 24

Customize text spacing in templates effortlessly 🌟

Enhance the appearance of your template output with the new 'Line Height' plugin in the template editor. This feature allows you to easily adjust the spacing between lines of text, giving you more control over the overall design and presentation of your content.


Introducing AI-powered release notes generation ✨

Introducing an AI-powered release notes generator! This tool allows you to effortlessly create release notes using AI for multiple issues with relevant prompts.

Furthermore, a new rule action has been added to generate AI-based release notes and attach them to Jira issues. You can also utilize other rule actions within the same rule to seamlessly publish these release notes. πŸ‘ Bid farewell to laborious tasks and welcome more free time for the things that truly count!

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Improved WYSIWYG editor in template builders for smoother editing experience! πŸ’ͺ

We've made upgrades to the WYSIWYG editor in the template builders. Fixes include: preserving trailing and leading spaces when applying inline styling to text, resolving difficulty in editing within bullet/numbered lists, and fixing the issue of getting stuck when removing a list item. Enjoy a smoother editing experience!


Fixed: Issue with special characters in slack templates πŸ›

A bug existed that prevented certain special characters and spaces within specific Jira fields, such as the 'Parent' field, from being correctly reproduced in the output of Slack templates. The issue has been resolved.

FEB 24

Issue fixed: Unable to save Confluence integration settings. πŸ›

A bug was causing some trouble with saving Confluence integration settings for the Confluence instance hosted on the .local domain. This issue has been fixed now.

FEB 24

Fixed issue with missing data in Jira fields with question marks. πŸ‘

Fixed an issue where Jira fields with question marks in their names were not returning data in sequential layout when used in templates.


New "Users" plugin for release notes: give shoutouts and highlight team members πŸ‘πŸš€

We've got a cool new addition to our release notes template - a custom plugin called "Users". Now you can give a shoutout to our awesome team members who made our release a success. You can also highlight users working on crucial bug fixes or customers who gave us great ideas for new features.


Add title pages to PDF templates. πŸ“

You can now add a title page for PDF templates in ARN. The "Enable title page" setting in advanced settings allows you to add content, images, variables, and even a background image.

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