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MAR 24

Customize text spacing in templates effortlessly 🌟

Enhance the appearance of your template output with the new 'Line Height' plugin in the template editor. This feature allows you to easily adjust the spacing between lines of text, giving you more control over the overall design and presentation of your content.


Introducing AI-powered release notes generation ✨

Introducing an AI-powered release notes generator! This tool allows you to effortlessly create release notes using AI for multiple issues with relevant prompts.

Furthermore, a new rule action has been added to generate AI-based release notes and attach them to Jira issues. You can also utilize other rule actions within the same rule to seamlessly publish these release notes. 👍 Bid farewell to laborious tasks and welcome more free time for the things that truly count!

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Improved WYSIWYG editor in template builders for smoother editing experience! 💪

We've made upgrades to the WYSIWYG editor in the template builders. Fixes include: preserving trailing and leading spaces when applying inline styling to text, resolving difficulty in editing within bullet/numbered lists, and fixing the issue of getting stuck when removing a list item. Enjoy a smoother editing experience!


Fixed: Issue with special characters in slack templates 🐛

A bug existed that prevented certain special characters and spaces within specific Jira fields, such as the 'Parent' field, from being correctly reproduced in the output of Slack templates. The issue has been resolved.

FEB 24

Issue fixed: Unable to save Confluence integration settings. 🐛

A bug was causing some trouble with saving Confluence integration settings for the Confluence instance hosted on the .local domain. This issue has been fixed now.

FEB 24

Fixed issue with missing data in Jira fields with question marks. 👍

Fixed an issue where Jira fields with question marks in their names were not returning data in sequential layout when used in templates.


New "Users" plugin for release notes: give shoutouts and highlight team members 👏🚀

We've got a cool new addition to our release notes template - a custom plugin called "Users". Now you can give a shoutout to our awesome team members who made our release a success. You can also highlight users working on crucial bug fixes or customers who gave us great ideas for new features.


Add title pages to PDF templates. 📝

You can now add a title page for PDF templates in ARN. The "Enable title page" setting in advanced settings allows you to add content, images, variables, and even a background image.

JAN 24

Ability to apply custom styling to TOC macro in PDF templates

You can now apply custom CSS styling to the heading and entries of the TOC macro within PDF templates.


Fixed issue with blank pages in PDFs when JQL section is empty. 📃

We resolved the issue of blank pages appearing in PDFs when a JQL section with a page break before or after it does not generate any data.


Ability to skip subsequent actions in a rule if there is a failure. 👍

Skip subsequent rule actions if the confluence or release page rule action fails. Useful when passing URLs to subsequent actions to avoid empty outputs.

DEC 23

Resolved - issues with contents of account type of fields 🛠️

Contents of account type of fields were not reproduced correctly within ARN templates in some cases. This has been fixed now.


Now you can use version names in webhook parameters! 👍

We've made it easier to pass version input in webhook parameters! Now you can use version names instead of just version IDs. Use the versionName parameter instead of the versions parameter to pass the version names in encoded format.

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Fixed issue where TOC macro did not work with empty optional fields.

Previously, if some of the optional fields in the configurations were left empty, the TOC macro was not functioning properly. This issue has now been fixed.


Issues with JSM portal annoucements resolved.🐛

Announcements that were posted on the JSM portal through the ARN rule encountered issues in certain situations. This problem has now been resolved.


Ability to change the order of rule actions 🔀

You can now easily change the order of rule actions in a rule. Just drag and drop them wherever you want in the list.


Ability to trigger a rule when a sprint starts in Jira.▶️

We've added support to automate rule execution when a sprint starts in Jira. Select the "Sprint started" trigger on the rules page.

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