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OCT 23

Discover contributors behind your team's amazing template creations. 🀝

Discover the creators behind amazing templates as the templates listing page now reveals who created or last updated templates. You can even filter templates with specific contributors. This allows you to further collaborate and get the most out of ARN.


PDF templates supported in POST rule action for ARN PDF release notes. πŸ“

PDF templates are now supported in the POST rule action, allowing for the posting of PDF release notes to external endpoints, such as a Bitbucket repository, directly from ARN.


Security issue fixes πŸ”

Security vulnerabilities related to global templates in other projects used within a rule have been addressed and fixed.

OCT 23

Fixed app tour issue after ARN app upgrade πŸ›

Resolved issue where app tours were not functioning after upgrading ARN app on specific instances with Oracle DB, causing unwanted errors in the logs.

SEP 23

Security issue fixes πŸ”

We have fixed XSS vulnerabilities at multiple places within the app.


Optimized app tours in ARN. ‴️

App tours within ARN have been optimized, resolving the existing performance issue.


Fixed issue with date picker fields in the JQL section. πŸ—“οΈ

Fixed issue causing error when generating release notes with a large number of issues when using a date picker type Jira custom field in the JQL section.


Fixed: Group-by field in JQL table caused extra spaces. βœ…

When a group-by field is added to the table layout of a JQL section, extra empty spaces were getting added to the each row of the table. This issue has been fixed now.


Fixed! Incomplete table bottom borders in PDFs. πŸ› οΈ

In generating PDFs containing tables, when a table's content extends beyond a single page, on the initial page, the absence of a bottom border for the table creates an incomplete visual. This has been fixed thus presenting a cohesive table.


Ability to hide orphan label of a Jira field in sequential layout πŸ˜‡

Implement an automatic feature that hides the label variable of a Jira field when the field is empty for certain issues in your JQL section's sequential layout, resulting in a cleaner and more precise presentation of information for your Jira issues.


Custom variables for greater flexibility and customization of your templates. 🀩

Are you a team who do not use versions or sprints within Jira? Are you someone who is trying to create customized release notes for multiple customers in one go? Create super-customized release notes quickly and easily with the new custom variables feature in ARN. Configure your own custom variables and deploy them within your template body, JQLs, release pages, and widgets. Values for custom variables are passed during template previews or rule executions, enabling you to use one template for multiple purposes.

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AUG 23

Fixed - forceful page breaks in PDF templates 🐞

We fixed an issue with a Jira field that was leading to larger data being forcibly moved to a new page in the PDF template.


Performance improvements ⬆️

We've optimized our backend operations, reducing the number of backend calls and delivering a faster, smoother user experience.


Improved default sequential layout in the JQL sections βœ…

The default sequential layout in the JQL sections has been updated to improve their functionality, clarity, and purpose. This will be applicable only to the new JQL sections that will be created. Layouts of the existing JQL sections remain unaffected.


Introducing Slack templates πŸš€

We've made it easy to create release notes in the JSON format that works seamlessly with Slack's block kit builder. Plus, your periodic release updates will be sent directly to the right Slack channels with the POST rule action using Slack’s incoming webhooks. Keep life simple and communication up-to-date.

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Get email notifications on rule execution status and failure reasons πŸ“§

You can now set up email notifications when a rule runs. The notification includes info on the execution status and failure reason (if any) of each rule action so you can easily keep an eye on your rules. Know more.

JUL 23

Jira version 9.10 compatibility βœ”οΈ

ARN is now compatible with Jira version 9.10 and below.


Pipe character issue fixed πŸ”¨

Using a pipe character ( | ) within a template body would sometimes cause the output of that template to break. This was especially true when using the pipe character within a JSON template. The issue was caused by a recent update that added support for operators within date variables. The issue has been fixed.

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