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MAR 23

Fixed confluence integration error caused by extended Jira API token length. πŸ›

Fixed Confluence cloud integration issue with the ARN server app caused by an extended character length of Jira API tokens. The issue resulted in an error message on the ARN settings screen while saving confluence integration settings. The problem was due to Atlassian's recent changes to API token length, which can vary.


Security issue fix. πŸ”

A vulnerability affecting restricted comments on a Jira issue getting fetched in release notes has now been fixed.


Introducing 'Date macro' in Confluence templates for increased flexibility. πŸ“…

Introducing the 'Date' macro in the Confluence template! Users can select a date from the date picker or a date variable from the drop-down. This feature allows creative use of ARN date variables within other macros such as page properties macro and expand macro.

MAR 23

Rule execution log order and sorting fixed πŸ›

The expected order and sorting of rule execution logs is now fixed. Similar issues at other locations in the app such as the template listing page rules listing page, release page/widgets release listing screen, etc. are also fixed..


ARN templates now reproduce new lines in version descriptions πŸ‘

The version description [versionDesc] variable within ARN templates now reproduces new lines added in the version description within Jira. You can add new lines by pressing 'Enter' or adding /n character in the description text.


Jira 9.6.0 Compatibility βš’οΈ

Bug fixes related to Jira 9.6.0 Compatibility.


Enhanced JQL customization πŸ”¨

The JQL section has been updated to allow the simultaneous addition of a Jira field as both an issue field and a group-by field, providing users with increased flexibility in designing their JQL section layout.


Security issue fix πŸ”

A vulnerability affecting templates preview has now been fixed.


PDF templates can now have a clickable Table of Contents! πŸ“–

You can now add a table of contents to your PDF templates! Simply specify the title, minimum and maximum heading levels, and choose where to insert the ToC macro. Your generated PDF will feature a clickable ToC with headers and page numbers.

JAN 23

Fixed code snippet rendering issue. πŸ”§

Resolved issue with inconsistent rendering of certain code snippets in Jira wiki renderer field within release notes generated from ARN templates.


Inconsistent font in wiki renderer field with bullet/numbered list βœ…

The inconsistent font was observed when using a bullet/numbered list in the Jira wiki renderer field in the ARN template. The issue has been resolved and font size is consistent throughout the wiki renderer field.


Bug fixed: Invalid links for the 'Components' field in ARN release notes. πŸ”—

Invalid links were generated when clicking on the "Components" field link in release notes generated from an ARN template. The bug has been resolved and the links now correctly open JQL search pages.


Support for SLA metric fields in ARN templates! ⏰

Support for SLA metric fields in ARN templates! This means you can now automatically generate reports that include the SLA status of your customer tickets. No more manual data entry or tedious spreadsheet updates - just set it up once and let the automation do the rest. Know more.


Bug Fix: Line spaces in the sequential layout πŸ› 

Empty lines between two field variables in the sequential layout were getting ignored in the release notes output. This has been fixed now.


JSON & Markdown template preview now allows you to download the file. ⏬

Do you wish to download the JSON or Markdown template output? An additional download option on the template preview screen makes this extremely simple.

DEC 22

Ability to sort group by fields πŸ‘

The "order by" clause in JQLs now respects the sorting of "group by" fields as well. This means that groups created by the "group by" fields in the JQL section can be ordered in the desired sequence. Additionally, you can now choose where to place orphan elements of the respective "group by" field. This update provides greater flexibility and control over the organization of your data.


Introducing the App Tours πŸ“£

We are excited to announce the launch of our new App Tour feature! This feature will give you a quick and easy way to learn about some of the great features our app has to offer. To access an App Tour, simply navigate to the help tab. From there, you can choose from multiple app tours and you'll be guided through a series of screens that will introduce you to all of the key aspects of the selected feature.

NOV 22

Fix for correct rendering of fonts for multi-line Jira fields in the sequential layout πŸ› οΈ

Fonts applied for multi-line Jira fields in the JQL section's sequential layout were not correctly rendered. This problem has been resolved.


Some users were unable to access ARN app πŸ›

This fix will ensure there are no duplicate entries for a user which was preventing certain users to access the ARN app.


HTML template preview now allows you to download the HTML file. ⏬

Do you wish to download the HTML template output? An additional download option on the template preview screen makes this extremely simple.


JQL input box changes its height dynamically

The height of the JQL input box is now dynamically adjusted according to the length of your JQL query. This allows you to read the complete JQL query at a glance. 😎


Improved navigation between field customization menu to add columns menu

In the edit JQL section pop-up, users were having trouble figuring out how to return from the field customization menu to the add columns menu. Added a separate "back" button which makes the navigation simpler. 🧐


Now, use the previous rule action's confluence page as the parent page for the current rule action πŸ“‘

Now, it's possible to create both parent and child Confluence pages using the same ARN rule. Simply choose the previous confluence action under the parent page setting, and you're done.
Read more.


New library for PDF generation

We are using a new library to generate PDFs and it does not require any installation on the app server. πŸ™‚


Improvements to the markdown template βœ…

The new β€˜Group by' layout customization is now available in the Markdown template. Additionally, hardcoded styling for the status field and indentation have also been removed. This allows you to freely alter the template to suit your preferences.
Read more about the 'Group by’ layout customization.

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