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7th September 2021

  • 🤩 🥳 🤓 Much awaited cross project release notes templates have landed!

  • No need to use some workarounds to generate cross project release notes. Now simply create a multi-version template on the ARN cross-project screen & bingo.
    Read more here.


13th August 2021

  • Now include release pages & widgets in Free to Paid app migration

  • In the early access release for Free to Paid app migration, release pages & widgets were not considered. Now they are. Refer this article to understand what will be migrated and what won’t be.

In-sprint Bug
  • Timeout in case of more than 10 JQL sections in a template addressed 🤓

  • If you were to add more than 10 JQL sections in an ARN template, it used to time out while generating the release notes. This is now fixed.


10th August 2021

  • Upgrade from free to paid app & carry your data with you 🥳

  • One of the oft requested features is now live. You can now easily copy all your templates & rules from the free version to the paid version, in just one click. More details here.


27th July 2021

  • Inline videos are now rendered correctly on release pages & widgets 📽️

  • When you insert an mp4 video in a release page or a widget, it is displayed properly along with the player actions. Check this one out 🙂

  • Better support for multiple versions in ARN templates 👌

  • Support for cross project release notes is on the way and as a precursor, we are improving multi-version support. Read more about it here.


4th July 2021

  • New template design available for release page 😍

  • You requested, we delivered. Now it is possible to choose any one of the two release page designs while creating the page.

  • Minor correction in JQL autosuggest feature 😯

  • When there were too many values for a field in the JQL, autosuggest wasn’t working based on user’s inputs. That is now fixed.

  • Quick previews to improve efficiency 🏎️

  • We noticed that a lot of users relied on previews. Now there is a quick preview action right from the template listing page.

  • 🙌 JQL section titles now support formatting & Stats

  • Up until now it wasn’t possible to format JQL section title visually, or include Stats in it. Well, that changes now 🙂

  • Calendar now displays detailed & structured info about releases 📊

  • We wanted the release calendar in ARN to be of more value to you. And thus we are introducing a pop-up displayed on click of a version in the calendar. This information is available in in-project & cross-project calendars.

  • Parent field is now handled differently to offer more information ℹ️

  • Hitherto the parent field used to return a JSON object that wasn’t usable in the ARN’s templates. That is now addressed with a thoughtful configuration specific to the parent field.