Automated Release Notes - Cloud
See what's new in the Automated Release Notes (Cloud) version - New features, enhancements & bug fixes.

17th May 2021

  • SMTP support for different username & email address is here

  • ARN’s SMTP, up until now worked with the assumption that the provider’s have email address & username as the same. That was incorrect in few cases where username & email address were different. That lead to email failures when using SMTP. This is now fixed.


14th May 2021

  • Easily go back to the listing pages within ARN 🖱️

  • At times, breadcrumb based navigation wasn’t very clear - especially to the new users of the app. We are introducing ‘Back to listing’ links to improve this experience.

  • Support for 5 new languages is now available 🗣️

    • Romanian 🇷🇴
    • Polish 🇵🇱
    • Chinese 🇨🇳
    • Hungarian 🇭🇺
    • Spanish 🇪🇸

    That brings ARN’s total number of supported languages to 9.

  • Cross project screen access is available by default to all users 🥳

  • We had already launched the cross-project screen earlier. But to improve its adoption, we now allow the configuration ‘Enabled for all users’ as an alternative to the existing one ‘Enabled for selected Jira groups’.

  • It is now possible to trigger a manual rule from within rule details screen ▶️

  • Action names are now populated automatically 🐰

  • We observed how jotting down action names slowed you down while creating rules. Thus, ARN now populates these action names on its. If you want, change them or just continue with your critical path.


26th April 2021

  • Confluence pages can now be appended/prepended to via ARN 💃

  • We’ve been working towards this for quite some time now 🙂
    Excited to announce the ability to append/prepend release notes to an existing Confluence page via ARN. Simply use the relevant action and put out an identifier against which ARN will prepend/append.

  • Cross project calendar now displays color codes for each project 😇

  • ARN’s cross project calendar now visually differentiates between selected projects. Corresponding releases are highlighted in different colours in the calendar.


19th April 2021

  • Use Confluence release notes URL in other templates 🌟

  • If you create or update a Confluence page via ARN rules, then it is possible to grab that Confluence page’s URL & use it in another template. Refer this help article.

  • SMTP set up was failing in a specific scenario, now resolved

  • A couple of customers who had moved over from free app to the paid version reported a problem while configuring SMTP. This is now addressed.


14th April 2021

  • Confluence URL validation is here 🤖

  • It was confusing for many users to input a Confluence URL, so we have now added a validation to prevent you from making a mistake.

  • ♻️ Refresh the ARN logs without leaving the tab

  • In our UX tests, we saw many users refreshing the browser or switching the tab just to look at the updated logs. No need for that, a refresh button is now ready.