Automated Release Notes - Cloud
See what's new in the Automated Release Notes (Cloud) version - New features, enhancements & bug fixes.

3rd November 2022

  • Fix for correct rendering of fonts for multi-line Jira fields in the sequential layout 🛠️

  • Fonts applied for multi-line Jira fields in the JQL section's sequential layout were not correctly rendered. This problem has been resolved.


18th October 2022

  • HTML template preview now allows you to download the HTML file. ⏬

  • Do you wish to download the HTML template output? An additional download option on the template preview screen makes this extremely simple.

  • JQL input box changes its height dynamically

  • The height of the JQL input box is now dynamically adjusted according to the length of your JQL query. This allows you to read the complete JQL query at a glance. 😎

  • The ARN app widget launcher will display a count of unread releases. 🔢

  • The widget launcher icon in the ARN app will now display the number of unread releases for the logged-in user. You may also put this into practice if your application makes use of an ARN widget. For more information about this feature, read on.

  • Improved navigation between field customization menu to add columns menu

  • In the edit JQL section pop-up, users were having trouble figuring out how to return from the field customization menu to the add columns menu. Added a separate "back" button which makes the navigation simpler. 🧐

  • Now, use the previous rule action's confluence page as the parent page for the current rule action 📑

  • Now, it's possible to create both parent and child Confluence pages using the same ARN rule. Simply choose the previous confluence action under the parent page setting, and you're done.
    Read more.

  • Improvements to the markdown template

  • The new ‘Group by' layout customization is now available in the Markdown template. Additionally, hardcoded styling for the status field and indentation have also been removed. This allows you to freely alter the template to suit your preferences.
    Read more about the 'Group by’ layout customization.

  • Increased JQL character limit for release pages & widget 🔍

  • Users can now configure more complex and longer JQL queries for the release pages and widgets. as the 255-character limit in the JQL input box has been removed.


11th October 2022

  • Some users were unable to access ARN app 🐛

  • This fix will ensure there are no duplicate entries for a user which was preventing certain users to access the ARN app.

  • Customers couldn't log in to a private release page, fixed! 🔑

  • When users of a private release page attempted to log in, in some situations a null pointer exception was being thrown. This fix takes care of that.


29th September 2022

  • Fixed - Instead of username, random account ID was displayed in the logs under the "Triggered by" section ⚙️

  • There was a bug observed in which instead of username, a random account ID was displayed in the logs under the “Triggered by” section. This has been fixed.


27th September 2022

  • Support for OAuth 2.0 authorization for Microsoft Office 365 SMTP configuration 🔑

  • ARN now supports modern & secure OAuth 2.0 based authorization for Microsoft Office 365 SMTP settings. The admin will be able to set up MS Office 365 SMTP from the ARN’s configurations page.

    Read more.

  • New 'inline mode' for ARN widgets is here.🥳

  • Now, you can embed ARN widgets as an ‘inline’ component on any HTML page of your web or mobile app. Save the ‘Inline widget’ mode from widget configurations and then use the generated Javascript snippet to the widget on your app.

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